Physics puzzle game where you need to shift cogs into the correct position.

Started at the GlobalGameJam 2020, and this is the polished version.
Build of GameFeelings (Erik de Roos) together with Auroriax (Tom Hermans) and Ben Gunnewijk.

Release date Mar 15, 2020
Made withBlender,, Unity
Tags3D, Global Game Jam, Physics
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksHomepage, Blog, Support

Also available on


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hello i really like it but it was some bug in it that needs to be fix so plz add some bug fixes plz and also add a download link to it plz thank you

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Hi, thank you for playing this game!

Hi, what kind of bug did you run into? Maybe I could fix them.

This is a pure physics game. Sometimes the physics engine just breaks down (spinning wheels, not  enough 'force' in the wheels to turn something connected, etc). These things are very difficult to fix without an overhaul. For  me this game was a proof of concept for 'pure physics' but due to these mentioned issues I stopped developing it.